Solution of linear algebraic equations

We wish to find a solution to the matrix equation A.*X.=B. where operator * denotes matrix multiplications, A. is a square matrix, B. is a known right-hand side vector, and X. is an unknown vector.

The LUBKSB algorithm (for forward substitution and backsubstitution) solves the set of N linear equations A.*X.=B., here A. is output from LUDCMP routine. For given matrix A. and vector B. solves the following statements:

call LUDCMP N; call LUBKSB N


the matrix equation A.*X.=B. and the solution is saved in B. vector.

Unit: nonrecursive internal subroutine
Global variables: input N by N matrix A. - LU decomposition, input vector Indx. - permutation vector; A. and Indx. are determined by the LUDCMP routine
Parameters: a positive integer N
Result: the B. vector includes the solution of matrix equation given above

The A. matrix and Indx. vector are not modified. We can use them for successive calls with different B. vectors.


LUBKSB: procedure expose A. B. Indx.
parse arg N
L = 0
do I = 1 to N
  P = Indx.I; Sum = B.P; B.P = B.I
  if L <> 0
    then do
      do J = L to I - 1
        Sum = Sum - A.I.J * B.J
    else if Sum <> 0 then L = I
  B.I = Sum
do I = N to 1 by -1
  Sum = B.I
  do J = I + 1 to N
    Sum = Sum - A.I.J * B.J
  B.I = Sum / A.I.I



A.1.1 = 2; A.1.2 = -1; A.1.3 = -1; B.1 = 4
A.2.1 = 3; A.2.2 =  4; A.2.3 = -2; B.2 = 11
A.3.1 = 3; A.3.2 = -2; A.3.3 =  4; B.3 = 11
call LUDCMP N; call LUBKSB N
S = ""
do J = 1 to N; S = S B.J; end
say S

displays 3 1 1


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